Noble Military of Egypt

There is a nobility, a true ancient warrior’s code of honor visible in the conduct of the Egyptian Military. “We will sacrifice our blood to protect the nation and its people against terrorists, radicals and fools.” Morsi of course is all three; a terrorist, a radical and a fool. Nero lives in him when he said “let Egypt burn“. Only thing missing was a harp.

CNN is lying through its teeth. There is no deep division. The country is united. There is no civil war. With hot blooded dessert and Mediterranean fueled tempers, it is nothing short of a miracle that only 22 people died. Although each loss is heartbreaking, within the context of revolution it is nothing. How many people died in the American Civil War? How many in France? in Spain? For that matter, if you run the statistics you will see that the past two days mortality dropped significantly because no Egyptian was in their car. More people die on a daily basis in traffic accidents. So CNN – here’s a new word for you: FACTS. What you say about a FACT is not the FACT but nonsense to fill your air time with drummed up drama to conceil that you are either bought to spread lies or too lazy to get the facts.