Storytelling vs Storydoing – the stupidest hype ever.

Rage, Rant & Rave. I am pissed off and I’ve had enough. Here is why.

There is this big hoopla now around storytelling versus storydoing. Oh my God. As if Aristotle in 400 BC – yes 2500 years ago, had not already made that distinction. Hence the term “drama”.

No, drama does not mean, serious, emotional or heavy. Drama derives from the Greek word ‘dran’ and it means ‘to act’. In other words, drama means enacted narrative. Or; a story told through the actions of its characters. That is how film, television and theater work.

And, according to the sociologist Goffman, and the Psycologist Moreno that is also how you can view reality.

And is also how you can look at and direct organizational behaviour.

Your Organizational or Corporate Story is not what you say about yourself. That is what we call ADVERTISING.

Your Story is what defines you. It gives meaning and purpose to who you are and what you do. It is your Identity. Your Identity is a Story you write with your Character, Plot with your Choices and tell with your Actions. It matters. Because there is a difference between the man who tells you he is funny and the man who makes you laugh.

Just as Aristotle described in the Poetics, 2500 years ago.


7 thoughts on “Storytelling vs Storydoing – the stupidest hype ever.

  1. Love the rant, but there is a serious point here, despite the 3rd Grade lingo; one that defines two industries, for example: filmmaking and videogames. Former and latter, resp.

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  3. It seems the term STORYTELLING might activate the wrong frame in people’s brains. At least in the brains of the big PURSUADERS, such as PR-people, marketing and branding gurus and other Mad Men. Your rant made me realize how I used to intuitively connect storytelling to marketing. As persuaders we like to tell what we think people want to hear. Usually incorporating more aspiration than reality. The corporate story then becomes just another fashion in ADVERTISING. You create one and you tell it. No second thoughts. “It’s in my nature” as the scorpion said after stinging the frog (and neither of them would make it to the other side of the river). Well, no more! My story is who I am! Thanks for clearing that up, Ashraf!

  4. One niggling point – Aristotle was Alexander the Great’s tutor, so he must have lived around 340 B.C., not 500 or 600 B.C. I love your point about advertising vs. identity. And I don’t think the lingo is third grade – although this stuff should be taught to all children.

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