Power your Culture. How do we conquer the 21st Century?

Forget about Employee Satisfaction or Engagement. Culture Power determines 70% of your Organization’s Success. Read more about it!

Power your Culture.

How do we conquer the 21st  century?

Do you find it increasingly difficult to achieve substantial growth and success? Does it seem as though your customer loyalty is decreasing and your audience’s cynicism is increasing? That your employees do not know why, for whom, or for what they are working? Does it seem as if your organization is in an identity crisis, sailing on a fierce ocean without a compass with no land in sight? Recognizable? Then now is the time to  Power your Culture.

Broken trust

We operate in hyper-competitive markets. It is becoming more and more difficult to find our way through ever more fragmented and fleeting media to increasingly elusive consumers. Within a organization, finding, engaging, and captivating the right employees is a growing challenge. But above all, we now live within a business environment affected by a particularly complex economic crisis. There has been a fundamental breach in the trust that is the foundation of our economy. This crisis is therefore more of a moral than a financial crisis. In this age of false promises and broken trust, Sender Credibility, for leaders, organizations, and brands, is more difficult and more important than ever before.

Polish the Surface

In this environment of insecurity and distrust, you can polish the surface all you want. You can polish your image, your brand, your reputation, your positioning, tweak all of your perception management. But at some point you’re just done polishing.  Marketing as a discipline has reached the limit of what it can contribute to your organization’s success.

There is a fatal flaw within the marketing perspective. At its core you will find marketing’s two fundamental drivers: “Competitive Differentiation/Advantage’ and ‘Customer Relevance/ Satisfaction’. In and of itself there is nothing wrong with this. However…:

  • When you base your strategy on being different, better of faster than your competitor, who is really in charge of your fate?  
  • And If you base your strategy on doing what your consumer tells you what they think that they want, who is really in charge of your fate? 

Not you. You will always be in a reactionary position and never in the driver’s seat. You will always be running to catch up with the facts. You will be led by opportunities, driven by incidents and being lived by the issues of the day. You will not have control and you will not be in charge of your fate. The economy is too volatile, the competitor too unpredictable, the consumer too fickle and the continuity, growth, and success of your organization too precious to remain at the mercy of forces and powers beyond your control for even one day longer. The ball is in your court. Take charge. Take back the reins over your destiny. Lead from the core. Power your Culture. Create your Future

Power your Culture

Narrativity Group, a strategy consultancy specialized in Organizational Identity, introduces a new approach for organizations to grow, prosper and be more successful, from the core. Through clarifying your Organizational Identity and strengthening your ‘Culture Power’. ‘Culture Power’ is the ‘purpose driven interconnectedness’, ‘the unity of effort in the pursuit of a shared and greater goal’ that characterizes successful organizations. This approach is called ‘Power your Culture.’

What is the importance of Culture Power?

Culture Power determines 70% of your organization’s success. This finding, that the R2 factor – the predictive value of the model – is 0.70, is  based on extensive research and is statistically validated by a large and representative survey among employees of mid-sized to large organizations in the Netherlands. In comparison: the R2 factor for Employee Satisfaction is a mere 0.14 and that of Engagement 0.17. Culture Power, therefore, is an exceptionally robust economic indicator, with a significantly greater impact on your organization’s success than either employee satisfaction or engagement.

How do we measure Culture Power?

With Culture Diagnostix®, our strategic research instrument, we map organizational perceptions among management and employees. Through a secure web survey of about 10 minutes we measure the quality and quantity of ‘Urgency’, Engagement’ and ‘Pride.’ The average and weighted score on these three dimensions determines Culture Power.

How do we strengthen Culture Power?

Beyond measuring Culture Power, the scores on these three dimension also give strategic direction to organizational and business development. Each of the three Culture Power dimensions consists of two drivers. Therefore, the research findings inform us of exactly which buttons to push to power the Culture and increase Organizational Success. These measures and interventions in the area of organizational and business development must of course be firmly embedded within the vision and mission, shared values and shared goals of the Organization. If necessary Narrativity will recalibrate or develop these in an intensive and specifically designed workshop with Leadership. During this workshop we develop the so called Corporate Story. A short and succinct narrative that captures and conveys the essence of the organization and gives meaning and purpose to who it is and what it does.


In short

By speaking of Culture Power, Narrativity makes the abstract concept of ‘culture’ concrete and tangible. Therefore, we can measure it. And therefore we can strengthen it. And this way we deliver a measurable contribution to your organization’s success.

More information

We would like to tell you more about it. So if you have questions, please do not hesitate to connect with us by phone +3120 6417191 or by email info@narrativity-group.com.


Culture Diagnostix ® has been validated in 2011 by the independent and renowned research agency Delta Marketing Research in the Hague, through a large-scale, nationwide validation study of more than 2000 employees of mid-sized to large organizations in the Netherlands. The validation study demonstrated that ‘Culture Power’ determines as much as 70% of an organization’s success. The statisticians involved called it an extremely robust economic indicator. Satisfied customers praise the research as enlightening and confrontational and of great strategic value.

Summary Validation Research Culture Diagnostix

Commissioned by Narrativity in 2011, Delta Marketing Research conducted a large-scale quantitative validation study into the research instrument Culture Diagnostix. The Culture Diagnostix research model aims to map organizational perceptions, measure Culture Power and determine its impact on organizational success. The most important results from the validation research are:

  1. The correlation coefficient of the model is 0.70. That is, 70% of the success of organizations can be predicted by the score on Culture Power. This makes Culture Power an extremely robust economic indicator.
  2. Culture Power is the average and weighted score on three dimensions: Urgency; Engagement; Pride. These three dimensions together constitute Culture Power.
  3. Each of these three dimensions consists of two drivers. The percentages in the table below show the relative influence of each of the driver, or buttons a company can turn to increase success.
  4. Measuring and pursuing Employee Satisfaction is pointless. Employee satisfaction does not contribute to organizational success. Satisfaction is not the cause, but the result of success.
  5. ‘Employee Engagement’, the ‘successor’ of Satisfaction does have some positive impact on organizational success. Engagement alone, however, is not enough.
  6. Urgency, Engagement, and Pride together constitute 98% of Culture Power. Another but negligible element was found that dealt with the ability to do one’s work which explains the remaining 2%. Since this is element is statistically not significant we have not adopted it within the Culture Power model

 Validation CDX

The full validation report of Delta Marketing Research is available upon request. Please contact us at +3120 6417191 or info@narrativity-group.com.



National Institute of Public Health and Environment

André van der Zande, Director-General

To know is to measure. Culture Diagnostix is a convincing instrument to analyze your organization. Ashraf Ramzy took us through a beautiful process to find our shared values ​​within the National Institute of Public Health and Environment. Always connecting, listening and inspiring.”



Jan Hol VP Corporate Communications

With the introduction of Culture Diagnostix, Ashraf Ramzy enables an organization to understand what really lives among its employees and what impact this has on its functioning and success. On a more profound level, the insights from Culture Diagnostix also make an important contribution to the vitality of an organization, especially in a period in which people, often unconsciously, derive much meaning and purpose from their work. By mapping organizational perceptions clearly and in so doing providing strategic direction to organizational and business development, Culture Diagnostix lays a strong foundation for a sold corporate strategy and proves the notion that organizations with a strong Identity are the most successful.”



Miriam Kuppen Field MBA, secretary / manager administration staff, Havensteder Rotterdam

The research uncovered what progress we had made working towards a common goal and which buttons we can turn to actually enable the entire organization to accomplish its objectives. It was an eye-opener for my colleagues and me to discover that our employees primarily felt connected with their colleagues rather than the shared goals of the organization. The benchmark with other organizations provides us with a good frame of reference and allows us to learn from other organizations.”


One thought on “Power your Culture. How do we conquer the 21st Century?

  1. This is fantastic and exciting – a great overview, simultaneously to the point and thorough. I was already intrigued and now I’m hooked. There’s something about the Pride dimension that strikes me; seems like a taboo word these days in such a depersonalised corporate world, and there it is, still potent below the surface, the emotional connector between the individual and the organization. I want to know more, I want to know everything about this!

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